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The battery that changes the world:

The first solid state energy storage system is here.

The first solid state energy storage system is here. Now everyone can afford solid state batteries no matter what size home.
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Non-explosive, non-flammable, zero toxicity.

Continuous power during outages

Eliminate the delay and frequent instability in starting conventional generators. 

Energy Independence

Shift energy consumption from one moment to another to avoid high energy prices. 

Amptricity's all-in-one storage solutions also has higher energy storage density, lower total operating costs, and operates under extreme temperatures.

Safe for your family.
Protect your family from being exposed to harsh environments when the power goes out in extreme hot or cold weather.

There is no thermal runoff, zero toxicity and it’s 100% recyclable.

Non-explosive and non-flammable.
Operates under extreme temperatures.
Family with
Energy Independence.

The future of energy storage has arrived. Introducing Amptricity's 12 kWh, 24 kWh, 36 kwh and 48 kWh solid state batteries for residential or light commercial use. Our solid state energy storage systems provide energy storage for peak shaving, self-consumption, time-based control, and backup.
Affordable for All.

Amptricity has the highest energy storage efficiency with annual retention rate of more than 96%. And they come with a lifetime warranty. Our batteries last 3 times longer than the current lithium-ion batteries. Now, everyone can afford energy storage no matter what size home. Financing available up to 25 years.
Energy backup for homes
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