About  Amptricity

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electrification in the energy markets at warp speed by massively deploying proven, mass-production available, solid-state, disruptive battery storage technologies. Amptricity™ is far superior to other commercial storage technologies on the market today.

The Amptricity solid-state battery is a breakthrough in energy storage density, safety, and lifecycle cost and will accelerate how humanity stores and uses energy.  While other companies are researching solid-state Lithion-Ion batteries, Amptricity's solid-state battery is in production and available for industrial and commercial applications today. 

“Energy storage technologies are critical to the adoption and success of renewable technologies and must be deployed in the next ten to fifteen years to preserve our planet. The current market trajectory is not fast enough. The electrification of things can prevent widespread economic and humanitarian disruptions if we act now.” 

– Damir Perge, Co-Founder, Amptricity