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The battery that changes the world:
The first solid state energy storage system is here.


Amptricity offers the first solid state battery storage system for applications in front of the meter and after the meter, e.g., commercial, industrial, and government applications. Commercial and industrial organizations can save on their energy costs by adopting solar with the Amptricity all-in-one energy storage system and controlling their generation needs. Amptricity systems charge when energy prices are low and discharged during peak demand when utility rates are high. Here are ways that the Amptricity's commercial solution adds value and increases safety for your enterprise.

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Peak shaving

Discharge during peak demand time to avoid or reduce demand charges. 

Load shifting

Shift energy consumption from one moment to another to avoid high energy prices. 

Continuous power

Eliminate the delay and frequent instability in starting conventional generators. 

Due to the solid state electrolyte,  Amptricity's batteries are safe – no risk of thermal runoff. Amptricity also has higher energy storage density, lower total operating costs, and operates under extreme temperatures.

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