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Amptricity solid-state batteries: the bridge to renewables

According to Fortune Business Insights, global energy storage deployments are projected to reach $211 billion in 2026.  Utilities must complement renewable sources with clean, efficient, and safe battery storage capacity to deliver power reliably and cost-effectively. Amptricity provides utility-scale solutions at higher energy densities and lower Total Cost of Ownership.  Here is a snapshot of the Amptricity utility application benefits:  

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Solid State Batteries

Amptricity solid state batteries are a game-changer, enabling utilities to outperform the competition financially.  The Amptricity solution offers the highest energy density in the industry at more than 377.55Wh/Kg. Systems also serve distribution range voltages from 800 to 1,500 volts.

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Environmentally Friendly

Amptricity batteries are 100% recyclable, offering an altogether sustainable energy storage solution.  

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Lower Costs and Risk

The Amptricity solid state battery delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) of battery products through greater safety (no thermal runoff or toxic liquids), lower operating cost, and reduced maintenance cost since no cooling system is needed.  

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Grid Distribution

The 97% deep discharge capacity and 11,000-lifetime charges reduce CAPEX and mitigate risks for shareholders. 

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Higher Return on Assets

Utility companies that trade in power can increase spot market profits by discharging the Amptricity system over 8 hours.  The guaranteed 25 years (design Life 30/35 years) operating life of the Amptricity system supports a greater return on investment and higher return on assets versus competitors.

Power Storage Specifications 

* Detailed performance tests available upon request.
** The footprint can vary according to length, width and height based on client specifications.

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