Rob Stenger | Advisor: Sales, Energy

Rob Stenger

Rob is an experienced entreprenuer with degrees in accounting and finance and an MBA in taxation and over 30 years of business experience in a wide variety of ventures. Out of college Rob first cut his teeth in a small accounting firm then moved to KPMG where he spent 8 years and rose through the ranks in the Japanese International Tax Group becoming a senior tax manager with many responsibilities including overseeing the automation processes of tax compliance including creating tax compliance centers and development and software integration. He also represented and negotiated many tax settlements for his corporate clients and won several firm-wide productivity awards for his efforts during his tenure. Growing weary of the big firms,


Rob founded the FulServ Group in SoHo.  FulServ was a boutique tax, accounting and business management firm with an eclectic mix of clientele including many music industry and entertainment clients and tech, publishing and startup companies. After selling FulServ, Rob successfully raised venture capital and acquired a wireless data company, Comstar Interactive Company, becoming its president and CEO. On the heels of Comstar, Rob then founded the Big Idea Wireless Group providing a variety of wireless and data products for his client base until deciding once again to focus back on the finance side of business. Rob then founded FulServ Capital another boutique firm that assists clients by providing innovative ideas with regard to their business operations, assistance with deal structures, capital raises, etc. Rob currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and family.