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Amptricity for Data Centers

Power is the largest operating cost for data centers, while customers and investors expect data centers to lead the transition to renewable energy. The Amptricity solid-state Lithium-ion battery is the ideal solution for managers seeking to lower operating costs, ensure reliability, and reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint of the facility. Install the Amptricity battery solution and add value to your data center in these ways:

  • Save energy costs by adopting solar with the Amptricity battery system, controlling generation needs.

  • Charge Amptricity battery packs when power prices are low and discharge when prices are higher.

  • Increase safety by replacing conventional liquid electrolyte batteries that risk thermal runaway.

  • Ensure uninterrupted, stable power during transitions from grid to gas-powered generators.

  • Communicate to customers that your facility is embracing a low or zero carbon policy.

Power Storage Specifications 

Application Area: It is applied to large-scale industrial energy storage power station, mobile power station, large-scale communication power supply, cloud computing power supply, navigation, high-speed rail system energy and other fields.

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